Online Poker: Why It’s the Best Way to Play

Poker has been gaining in popularity over the years, becoming one of the most influential games on a global scale. Its accessibility and the thrill of challenge and competition make it an attractive option for all players. It has many variations tailored to different skill sets and play levels, allowing both beginners and veterans to find something they enjoy.

Aside from its constant entertainment value, poker fosters essential skills such as discipline, cognitive thinking, and emotional resilience. It also requires a solid grasp of psychology and math, as players must utilize odds and analyze their opponents to come out ahead.

Ever since its inception, poker has constantly been evolving. Various technological advancements, such as hole card cameras, have helped the game stay exciting and grow. However, without a doubt, one of the most critical milestones in poker’s growth was its transition to online platforms.

This event sparked the poker boom from 2003 to 2006, which was a period when poker exploded in popularity. Indeed, online poker is one of the biggest reasons it is still popular today. It’s the mode of choice for most people, with over 100 million online poker players worldwide. Let’s break down why people prefer playing online.

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Quicker pace

Online poker games are naturally faster-paced than live games for several reasons. The game is streamlined since everything is handled digitally, with no need for dealers to shuffle cards or players to count exact amounts of chips. Additionally, all betting actions are a button press away, leading to snappier decisions.

The more rapid pace of online poker helps poker grinders tremendously. These players make the game their career, and if you’re skilled enough to win consistently, playing more hands in less time translates directly to more profit. Being able to play more games also helps beginners learn more quickly through experiencing many different scenarios.


Online poker allows you to play multiple games simultaneously, which is physically impossible with live poker. Most online poker rooms offer up to four concurrent tables per session, giving grinders even more ways to maximize their profits.

While multi-tabling can lead to exponential returns on paper, it doesn’t always work that way in reality. Of course, there’s a mental toll when playing many games at once. You should expect that the more games you play together, the worse you’ll play individually. It may not be immediately apparent, but you will undoubtedly notice a decline in your win rate if you play too many games at once. It will also take a while to get used to multi-tabling, no matter how good you are at first, since taking in so much information takes a lot of work.

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Online poker is an ideal option for players who want a poker experience without the burden of socializing. While poker is inherently social, you sometimes want to focus on the game without interacting with others. You could also just dislike the casino’s atmosphere, filled with other gambling games and potentially people smoking.

Online poker solves this by allowing you to play anonymously from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to interact with anyone, and you’re free from the casino games that may tempt you. Most poker sites have chat rooms, with some even offering the ability to mute players if they get on your nerves.

Play anywhere, anytime.

One of the best parts of online poker is the convenience it offers. You can play from any place, at any time, all with just an internet-connected device.

It’s easy for players to try online poker; it’s appealing to beginners who want a game they can easily pick up. It’s a huge leap from having to drive to a casino every time you want to play, making online poker the mode of choice for just about anybody with an inflexible schedule.

Playing online poker on a mobile device allows you to do other things while playing. Being able to eat or watch videos between hands further increases its appeal.

More game variety

Finally, due to the size of the online poker industry and the game’s streamlined nature, online poker has a much more extensive game assortment than live.

While casinos offer other games besides poker, they are often limited to cash games with only specific stakes. Meanwhile, you can find different potential game formats, poker variants, and stakes online. Games can be anywhere from $0.01/$0.02 micro-stakes to $400/$800 nosebleeds, depending on the site you play on. You can find much more exotic formats on particular poker sites, giving you alternatives if you want to try something other than Texas Holdem.

You can easily find tournaments, sit-and-goes, and cash games online 24/7. Casinos often have strict schedules for tournaments and seldom offer sit-and-goes at all.

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Try out poker today!

Overall, online poker is the best way to play for several reasons. It is the default way to play nowadays for its convenience, pace, and game variety. If you’re on the fence about trying it, you absolutely should. You can quickly set up an account and learn the game with various poker guides online. When starting, you can play freeroll or micro-stakes poker games to get the hang of the mechanics, then move up in stakes as you improve. Remember, if you plan to play online poker, you must make sure the site you play on is trusted.

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